A Clash of Kings

Writer: George R. R. Martin

Series: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book Two (II)

Genre: Fantacy

Other Books in the Series: A Game of Thrones,
                                             A Storm of Swords
                                             A Feast for Crows
Language: English

Publisher: Bantam Books

Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 0 553 57990 1
Website: http://www.bantamdell.com,
Appreciations Received: 
I have chosen only a very few…
The Denver Post –
“Martin amply fulfills the first volume’s promise and continues what seems destined to be one of the best fantasy series ever written”

“The major fantasy of the decade.”

Robert Jordan –
“Grabs hold and won’t let go. It’s brilliant””

Chicago Sun-Times –
“Reminiscent of T. H. White’s The Once and Future King, this novel is an absorbing combination of mythic, the sweepingly historical, and the intensely personal.

Ann McCaffrey
“Such a splendid tale and such a fantistorical! I read my eyes out.


It is a reign of utter chaos in the land of Seven Kingdoms. From ancient citadel of Dragonstone to the forbidding shores of Winterfell every where there is darkness and blood sport. Enormous and shrewd political planning and plotting are going behind every potent political brain to gain and claim the Throne of the Seven Kingdom. It is such a situation where a brother is ready to kill his brother for gain. Story talks about a princess who disguise as an orphan boy, a knight who plans to kill the witch, wilderness of Mountain of the Moon slashes over the countryside. Incest, Betrayal, Cold heart, hatred takes place of Decency, Trust, Loyalty, Friendship and Love. He will win who has the coldest heart and shrewdest hands which never pangs and trembles when killing his own bother.
Price:  $8.99 US, $9.99 Canada.

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