Under the Dome

Writer: Stephen King

Other Creations: Shawshank Redemption, Misery, The Shining, The Stand and many more.
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton, an Hachette UK Company
Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 0 340 99258 6
Website: www,hodder.co.uk, http://www.stephenking.co.uk
Appreciations Received: 
I have chosen only a very few…
Daily Telegraph –
“Whizzing from one cliffhanger to the next”

USA Today –
“Staggeringly addictive”

Financial Times – 
“Expert ratcheting of tension”

 New York Times –
“tight and energetic from start to finish”

Washington Post –
“foot-on-the-gas narrative”

Guardian –
“The pedal in indeed to the metal”

Daily Express –
“You sorry when you come to the end”

Lee Child –
“America’s greatest living novelist delivers his masterpiece”

Daily Mail –
“High-concept, high-octane epic with a brilliantly drawn cast”

John Connolly –
“King’s most purely entertaining novel in years… utterly compelling”


The story revolves around a small town called Chester’s Mill, Maine. One fine day this town is besieged from the rest of the neighborhood, even from the whole world by some unexplained reason or thing. Nobody can go in or out of the town. Whatever food, electricity, water and oil they had stored up within the town was gradually exhausted people within the town started to panic. People started ti behave out of their way and started to disobey the normal social norms.

 Dale Barbara, a young guy, with the help of a few others try to solve the mystery. He stands against the new born horrid corruption within the town and makes the common people realize the seriousness of the situation and act more maturely. Ultimately he discovers the source of the Dome before anything worse might come in the way.

Stephen King has been described by The Guardian as ‘oneof the great storyteller of our time’… so it is wisely said by the publishers that “you don’t read it, you live it!”

Price:  £7.99 UK, 350/- INR.

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