Writer:Paulo Coelho

Language: Portuguese (Original),
English (Translated)Translated into English by: Margaret Jull Costa

Genre: Love, Passion, Mystery, Spiritual

Publisher: Harper-Collins Publishers
Catalog Reference:
ISBN 978 0 00 727859 6

Website: ,

Appreciations Received:

I am choosing only a very few out of hundreds of so. . .



This is a story about an Irish girl Brida and her quest for life and knowledge. It is a story of the transformation of a small shy cocoon into a beautiful free butterfly. Brida is beautiful and has keen interest a undiscovered gift in dark magic or witchcraft.


On her journey to enlightenment she meets a man who teaches her how to overcome all the fear that will come in her path and a woman who will teach her how to dance to the clandestine music of the dark world. She gradually finds out her own path towards the self discovery. But to do so whether she will be able to strike a balance between her loyalty for relationship and the ultimate quest for transforming into something brighter and eternal… Which one she will ultimately sacrifice…

Price:  £UK, 299/- INR


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