Writer: Dan Brown

Language: English

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction

Publisher: Transworld Publishers, Corgi Books
Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 0 552 16123 7

Website: ,

Appreciations Received:  
I am choosing only a very few out of hundreds and thousands of so. . .
New York Times –
“Impossible to put down… another mind-blowing Robert Langdon story”

News of the World – 

“Unputdownable… Gripping… Jaw-dropping… The blockbuster read of the year”

Sunday Express –
“So compelling that several times I came close to a cardiac arrest… As perfectly constructed as the Washington architecture it escorts us around” 

Daily Mail –
“A narrative that can grip you like a vice… as engaging a hero as you could wish for”

Washington Post –
“Call in Brownian motion: a comet tail-ride of beautifully spaced reveals and a socko unveiling of the killer’s true identity”

San Francisco Chronicle –
“A roaring ride… A caper filled with puzzles, grids, symbols, pyramids and a secret that can bestow ‘unfathomable power’ “

BBC News – 

“With bestseller status never in doubt, Brown has written another page-turner… A gripping read”

Entertainment Weekly –

“Robert Langdon remains a terrific hero, a bookish intellectual who’s cool in a crisis and quick on his feet… The codes are intriguing, the settings present often-seen locales in a fresh light, and Brown keeps the pages turning”


The plot revolves around the darkest hidden past of The Capitol Building at Washington DC.

Harvard Professor and world renowned symbologist Robert Langdon gets a call from a friend early in the morning. He gets invitation to deliver a lecture on Freemasonry and related matters.

But when Robert arrives at the pre-informed venue he realizes what a pathetic pawn he has become of a horribly merciless game plan. The call he got early in the morning that day was actually a summon to trap him into an apparently extinct, clueless, mythical world of ancient clandestine wisdom.

To add to his misery, Robert gets to know that the mysterious caller has kidnapped Langdon’s mentor and close friend Peter Solomon. Peter is a prominent Free-mason and a renowned philanthropist and Langdon is the only person who can save his friend’s life, provided he timely deciphers an labyrinth of shadowy, clandestine ancient codes which are clearly beyond common man’s understanding.

Although these ciphers are never-before-seen for Robert, but he puts his own life in danger to save his friend’s life and uncovers an unimagined and inconceivable truth of creation and existence.

Ultimately having three lives in danger of death including his own, whether Robert Langdon can save his friend Peter or not is a big question. Let the thrill and chill go down your spine and enjoy the Brownian ride to the strictly hush hush world of Freemasonry…

Go, get your copy today itself if not yet done so!

Price:  £7.99 UK, 299/- INR


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