Fifty Shades Freed

Author: EL James (Erika Leonard James)

Genre: Erotic, Fiction
Language: English
Publisher: Arrow Books
Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 00 995 799 46
Sales:Sold over 40 million copies world wide
Appreciations Received: I have chosen only a very few…
Princeton professor April Alliston:
“Though no literary masterpiece, Fifty Shades is more than parasitic fan fiction based on the recent Twilight vampire series.”
Jenny Colgan of The Guardian:
“It is jolly, eminently readable and as sweet and safe as BDSM (bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism) erotica can be without contravening the trade descriptions act” and also praised the book for being “more enjoyable” than other “literary erotic books”.
“also touches on one aspect of female existence [female submission]. And acknowledging that fact – maybe even appreciating it – shouldn’t be a cause for guilt.
The Columbus Dispatch:
“Despite the clunky prose, James does cause one to turn the page.”
Fifty Shades Freed – I hope my readers already know well what Fifty Shades Trilogy is all about. Anastasia Steele is already married to Christian Grey, sexy most handsome young CEO of Grey Enterprises Holdings. They are the cozy cooing lovebirds and always lost in their own crazy sex maniac life style. Ana is the same old irritating personality and Christian also almost the same control freak sadist version of Adonis. But they are made to face many ups and downs in their happily married life (?) which they struggle together to come out of. When Christian’s life is threatened, Ana stands by him firmly and try to do her best to give him support.
Honestly, for me, this part is more of naked show off of affluence and opulence. Ana is almost unbearable. I mentally blocked her while reading the novel. Yes but the part where Christian is struggling to come out for his cocoon of his horrible childhood, ugly adolescence and darker recent past, impressed me.
Readers, over all it is okay. You could give it a shot. Feeling curious enough to read the novel, then go get your copy! Happy Reading. . . :)
Price: I bought the whole Trilogy from Flipkart at INR 669/- (some discount offer was going on)

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