Sound of Silence – a stray thought …

I wish my work should talk for m44_5492651-obsessive-thoughtse.

I am my work, my body is just a shadow of my identity.

When I will be gone, I hope people remember me through my work.

Sometime I feel very helpless when it comes to the ‘precise’ word to write.

May I find those words which have the power to express the exact thought that surge in my mind at any point of time.

I wish a time will come when I communicate with the rest of the world through my work alone, and people around me see me through my work. I wish I could become physically invisible. Small Smooth Stones

Let me utter the sound of silence, silently…. let the wind blow it far away to some other world, let the words shine brilliantly as the morning dew shines on the tip of a grass under the young sun!

Let me be in your heart, in your thoughts when my body will no more be here to see you…


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