The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk

220px-Sudha Author: Sudha Murthy

Genre: Real life stories from here and there

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.

Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 0 143 41685 8



This book is the collection of twenty three small stories. All those stories are real life incide9780143418658nts, however small they might be, that have touched the mind and soul of Ms. Murthy in some or the other way. She might not have any direct intention to give us any ‘Gnan’ in particular. But through her small stories woven in her simple and fresh writing skill becomes a strong spearhead and hits the bulls-eye. While reading a few stories I was personally touched so much so that I didn’t even realize when warm droplets of tears silently rolled down my eyes. It does not talk about hifi happening stories of our cosmopolitan life. It talks about the small, unheard of villages and their unspoken stories. It talks about the real India and the issues it suffers every day at any point of time. And again the beauty of the story is, Ms. Sudha Murthy has never tried to teach us any thing. She wrote in such a sweet way that you will feel as if she is sitting next to you on a lazy Sunday morning and sharing her stories with you. And effortlessly her words will seep into your heart and make you pause and ponder over the story. Incidents that have had happened to someone else (here to Ms. Murthy) will haunt you to think even after you have closed and kept the book back to the shelf after reading.

Feeling curious enough to read the novel, then go get your copy! Happy Reading. . . :)

Price: US $ / $ CAN
You can get your copy at INR 199/-

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