Author: Dan Brown

Genre: Mystery, Detective fiction, Conspiracy fiction, Thriller

Language: English

Publisher: Transworld Publishers

Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 05 930 72 493


Appreciations Received:

”Jampacked with tricks…A BOOK-LENGTH SCAVENGER HUNT that Mr. Brown creates so energetically.” – Janet Maslin, The New York Times

”AS CLOSE AS A BOOK CAN COME TO A SUMMERTIME CINEMATIC BLOCKBUSTER…Brown builds up Langdon’s supporting cast, which is the strongest yet.” – USA Today


”BROWN IS AT HIS BEST when he makes readers believe that dusty books and musty passageways are just covers for ancient global conspiracies.” – The Washington Post

”A DIVERTING THRILLER…Brown stocks his latest book with all the familiar elements: puzzles, a beautiful female companion, and hints of secret conspiratorial agendas.” –


“Inferno” is the fourth novel of the “Robert Langdon” series written by Dan Brown. Previous three are Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. Inferno beautifully weaves the ‘history’ of Dante Alighieri with the ‘story’ of Robert Langdon and WHO (World Health Organization) and the severe undeniable concern of modern world – ”OVER POPULATION”. It might come to a point when you will wonder that you no longer hate Bertrand Zobrist, the main antagonist of the novel and A genius scientist. He is a madman (obsessed with Dante’s Inferno) who releases a deadly virus amongst the world population. I suggest the readers to visit a over crowded/ heavily populated area (preferably within a day after reading the novel). I believe that chances are there for the reader to share the same dark thought of Bertrand Zobrist.

Now let me share my views on the book as an avid reader of novel in general. Personally I felt ‘The Lost Symbol’ was far more gripping and interesting compared to ‘Inferno’. Definitely ‘Inferno’ has its fair share of twists and surprise materials in it, but somehow it was unable to grab my undivided attention. Given the fact that, I have records of finishing a whole novel in 2/3 days. I can read non stop day and night until the novel is finished, if and only if the storyline is gripping and the writer is able to keep my mind engaged and involved throughout the whole time span. I have finished ‘Digital Fortress’ by Dan Brown, ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ by EL James and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ by Stieg Larsson in 3 days (each). But ‘Inferno’ made me come in and out of the story every now and then. I liked Inferno more as a history book or more specifically as a journal or research paper on crime against art than a thriller fiction.

Yet, again I must say that there is something definitely very special about Dan Brown’s writing skill that can keep you glued to the novel. After all a story inspired by the famous ‘Divine Comedy’ written by the exceptionally talented poet ‘Dante Alighieri’ can not fail to raise goosebumps on a reader’s skin.

Feeling curious enough to read the novel, then go get your copy! Happy Reading. . . :)

Price: US $ / $ CAN
But I bought it from Flipkart at INR 500/- , hardcover.

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