imagesBroken, each and every one of us are broken, damaged. Look around and you will see the world filled with people, torn from inside yet look like mended from outside. Every incident that hurts us, both breaks and makes us. Our past define our today. Words can hurt a lot, truth can be unbearable, and yet we try to pose as strong enough to ignore those truth and show the world that nothing actually affects us. Funny, but we all try to do it. May be living this life of lie is one training that we all get as a part of our growing up. Some people are really good at it, others not. Nonetheless all of us try to appease ourselves by convincing us with the eternal lie that nothing really happened and we are okay with things that happened to us. We might not accept, but the fact is we keep changing all along our life, it withers us over time. We start seeing and perceiving things in totally different light, the childhood innocence is lost way back. We start to value things over human beings. We build walls around us and don’t let people to come any near. We have all the time in the world for overtime duty to earn a little extra but we find it tough to spend a little more time with our loved ones. We can speak hours together with colleagues, acquaintances or even complete strangers, but we are out of words when we sit next to our loved ones! Until we drive people, who really love us and emotionally depend on us, out of our life we seldom realize their value. We become master of ignorance. We learn to talk to each other hours together but not tell the truth. Then we learn to sit next to each other for hours together but not talk. And then a time comes when we become blissfully ignorant of people around us, especially the one who are trying to walk the road along with us. Slowly but definitely we start not to sit together for days or months or even years together, when sitting together, talking together and sharing a part of you becomes an excessive luxury. We keep loosing everything that once we yearned for and feel very proud of doing that, and then again start the eternal search for love in someone else. If we would have had the same intensity of care that we show for our precious diamond jewellery, towards the people around us, the world would have been a far better place to live.


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  1. choudhary Harish says:

    Very well written I liked your point especially “the fact is we keep changing all along our life”. Keep blogging.


    1. Thanks a lot, Harish. Readers reviews, comments and approvals (even disapproval) means a lot for a blogger, especially for those who are into blogging not as professionals. Big motivation for me to keep reading and writing. Please share my blog posts if you like. 🙂


      1. choudhary Harish says:

        Ya sure we ll do that 🙂


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