from FUTURE – post WAR

Recently I have been reading quite a few novels that are trying to draw a picture of the future world; how it will function and how the people of that future world will be like. Different authors have different ways to weave the story but at the end they all talk say the same thing – War. A war that is inevitable and our world are destined to suffer the apocalypse. So far they all agree; but they tend to picture it differently after that – on what the world and life will be like post “War”. I could name a few prominent novels which most of you might recognize, such as the Hunger Games series, the Divergent series, Warm Bodies, The Giver etc. Thanks to the movie adaptation of the above films many of us are aware of the basic concept of those novels. So it might be a bit easy for me to talk about the novel. To start with, in the forthcoming blog-posts, I will be talking about the Hunger Games series.


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