Hello again :)

My last post was in July 2014. After almost a year of hiatus I’m back again with my novel reviews. In this long sabbatical period I read quite a few novels, all thanks to my new Kindle paper-white. With a baby boy at home and a demanding job to keep, my life was kind of a roller coaster ride over the last year. There was not even a single spare moment for me to sit and breathe. I mean, when the baby is sleeping I am running like an express train to finish as much work I can and once the baby is awake then, well, the Baby is the center of all attention. Slowly but steadily my son started to walk. And my dear readers, those who have a toddler at home will totally understand what I’m trying to tell here. You can’t keep a piece of paper, forget about a book, anywhere on the bed or the table, or anywhere that comes within 2/3 feet of height from the ground. Because my son will somehow manage to grab it and ruthlessly tear apart the pages. And the worst part is he will be giving this stupid yet the most innocent smile on earth, that you can’t even be angry with him, even though he has just completely ruined your favorite novel. So the kindle was kind of life saver for me. I started to buy books that comes free of cost and then slowly started to buy a few novels which were a bit easier on my pocket. And now I’m a happy reader after finishing 20 novels. Let me start with them one by one.


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