The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones – Movie Adaptation

220px-The_Mortal_Instruments_-_City_of_Bones_PosterThe funny thing is I saw the movie first and I am not sure whether it was a mistake or not. It is kinda tricky to tell which one is wiser to do – watching the movie adaptation first or to read the novel first.

Because when you read the novel first, you envision the characters and the whole theme in your own way and that’s where the beauty of any fantasy novel lies. Its like you are a part of the whole scenario like a spectator of the events – you are there yet not exactly involved in the actions. And then when you go to watch the movie adaptation it, you tend to be a bit critical about the casts, especially the lead ones; if it matches your expectations then well enough or else you are disappointed with the movie.

Again if you watch the movie first and then start reading the novel your imaginations gets pruned by the casts of the movie. Like in the movie I saw Jamie Campbell Bower as “Jace Wayland” and Lilly Collins as “Clary Fray” and then every time l was reading about Jace, nothing else came in my mind other than Jamie Campbell Bower! Period.

tumblr_mpbtigfcm21ry5v84o1_500Anyway, after reading the novel, I realized that in the movie adaptation, they have changed the story a lot. IMO, it was unnecessary, because the novel is written in the exact cinematic way with tight thrilling events and climaxes. So whats the point in pruning the story to make it haphazard. In fact when I watched the movie, I had no clue about what was going on. I mean one moment Jamie aka Jace is passionately kissing Clary and in the next Valentine is telling that they are siblings!

Also I was reading that, a lot of the fans of this series were unhappy with the casting of the movie – especially Jamie as Jace Wayland. In fact I was reading a few suggested names, the other day, shared on IMDB forums. Many names came out, such as Alex Pettyfer, Hayden Christiensen etc. Yeah, I agree that those actors could have made the filmy “Jace” look way better. I think Hayden Christiensen would have made a much more angelic looking hotter Jace Wayland. Having said that, it could no way be concluded that the movie would have been a hit, with just that one change – change of cast. The movie still would have suffered the similar fate, given the fact that the story was haphazardly laid for a viewer (especially the ones who has not read the novel). Jace-and-Clary-Bike-525x350

But somehow I felt that Jamie has all the necessary pointers to play that role. Definitely the dialogues and the throw of it could have been much much better. The arrogance of Jace’s character was not properly portrayed. Having said that, I think the Director could not pull the best performance out of him. He could have done a much much better job.

And I know he is in the Burberry fashion campaign and a model, etc but having said that, I think Jamie definitely need to eat more (he looked a bit sick in the movie); an honest suggestion. Teenage Shadow-hunter boy should have had a more Bruce Lee type physique.


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