Warm Bodies

Isaac+Marion+Premiere+Summit+Entertainment+ajgFaJL1AXWlAuthor: Isaac Marion

Genre: Post-apocalyptic fiction, Gothic fiction, paranormal romance, black comedy

Language: English

Publisher: Atria Books

Catalog Reference: ISBN 978-009-954934-5

Website: http://isaacmarion.tumblr.com/

Appreciations Received:

“I never thought I could care so passionately for a zombie. Isaac Marion has created the most unexpected romantic lead I’ve ever encountered, and rewritten the entire concept of what it means to be a zombie in the process. This story stayed with me long after I was done reading it. I eagerly await the next book by Isaac Marion.” – Stephenie Meyer (#1 New York Times Bestselling author of the Twilight series)

“A mesmerizing evolution of a classic contemporary myth.” – Simon Pegg (New York Times bestselling author of Nerd Do Well)

“Warm Bodies is a terrific book—a compelling literary fantasy which is also a strange and affecting pop-culture parable.” – Nick Harkaway (author of The Gone-Away World)

“Isaac Marion has a great new voice that hooks you from page one and accomplishes the impossible: it makes you care about young zombie love. Warm Bodies is a terrific read.” – Josh Bazell (New York Times bestselling author of Beat the Reaper)

“Enormous fun.”Marie Claire (UK)

“Wryly playful, cinematic, and ultimately moving.”Time Out London

“Has there been a more sympathetic monster since Frankenstein’s?”The Financial Times

“It’s got the boarded-up strongholds and mob mentality of Night of the Living Dead—but also romance. As the evil thing resists its evil nature, the book neuters zombies in the same way Stephanie Meyer did vampires.”Time Out NY

“If you haven’t caught on to Isaac Marion’s writing yet, you’re really missing out.”About.com

“In elegant, evocative prose, Marion has fashioned the world’s most unlikely romance in a story that is by turns harrowing, poignant, and tender. At the last, the reader is reminded that we are all ultimately human, whether living or dead. Utterly charming.”Library Journal (starred review)


This novel is evolving around a post-apocalyptic future world scenario. In that world most of the people are turned into Zombies and the exact reason behind this apocalypse is not clearly stated. There could be many probable twarmbodiesriggers, bio hazardous products/ deadly viruses, plague, drought, famine, nuke war, etc. Evidently people have messed up big time and things have gone horribly wrong; seemingly there is no going back to – what we say “Normal”. But the positive side is there are people, though very few in number, are still human and they are struggling to stay alive in a small cramped territory surrounded by a huge concrete wall. This wall was made post-apocalypse and everything outside this wall is beyond redeemable. The novel actually talks about the survival instinct of human race; which actually does not fade away even when they are turned into the undead or zombies. The best part of the novel is that the author beautifully depicts the emotional turmoil of a Zombie – how a zombie struggles to change for better, to feel love and care and most importantly to get accepted in the normal flow of life. It is really interesting to read about how people (read humans) tend to be cynical and hostile to others (here zombies in this case) when the world goes upside down and things does not look very optimistic anymore.

Now comwarm-bodies-by-isaac-mariones the sweet part of the novel; how a Zombie boy, “R” falls for “Julie Cabernet”, a human girl – yeah you read it right! Eventually the girl falls for him too and something changes. Her love gives hope to his undead “life”.

I have seen lots of Zombie movies and always hated them. All those grotesque faces and those typical slow motion walks – so creepy. But I really loved this novel. The “idea” of a zombie boy falling for a human girl and how the so called undead boy feels the emotions of love and affection – it’s so refreshing and new that I simply liked it. The author’s writing style is also very effortless and the flow of the events in the novel is very unpredictable and gripping.

Many of you might have seen the movie adaptation of the novel, where Nicholas Hoult played as R and Teresa Palmer as Julie. They have changed the main story here and there to accommodate it in a 2 hour movie. But the essence was pretty much intact. So if you have watched the movie and liked it then I would highly recommend you to get your copy of “Warm Bodies” ASAP.

Price: $  / £ I bought the kindle version of it from Amazon.com at INR 279.50 only.


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