985e32ecErinJMunzAuthor: Erin J. Munz

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary

Language: English


Catalog Reference: ISBN 978 131 144 078 5


Appreciations Received:


When I started reading this novel, I was out of any good novels left to read in my kindle. It was kind of filler novel for me at that moment and I started reading it with almost zero expectation. But now I feel so good to be proven wrong by the author Erin J. Munz. It was worth reading it. Guess all of you might not like it; but those who are die hard romantic at heart will surely find it very interesting. 20324648

This novel is all about the ups and downs in the relationship of a couple. A very normal couple; yet their suffering and challenges and how they overcome their pain makes them so outstanding and beautiful. Their relationship and its hardship is no different than ours. But what makes them different from us is the strength of their love and passion for life. Each one motivates the other. The beautiful part is how each one of the characters holds on to their trust on the other, their capabilities and motivates each other to become a better person. Which in most cases we fail to do and people loose hope for that. The characters are going through a real rough patch but with the love and care of the people  around them, they try to win over the pain.

What I liked about this novel is the way it has been written; fluent and straight to the heart choice of words, the timeline goes back and forth while smartly connecting the incidents and the reader never gets bored. Very smartly written story, soft yet not wallowing; romantic but not boring. Hope you guys will like it as well.

Price: $  / £

I bought the kindle version of it from for FREE.


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