Me Before You

Author: Jojo Moyes Jojo_Small_Portrait_Crop-212x300

Genre: Romance, Realistic Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: Penguin Books

Catalog Reference: ISBN 9780143124542


Appreciations Received:

“Jojo Moyes’ poignantly romantic tales have readers streaming their ways through boxes of Kleenex” – SUNDAY EXPRESS

“A heart-stopping read. Destined to be the novel that friends press upon each other more than any other next year. Moyes does a majestic job of conjuring a cast of characters who are charismatic, credible and utterly compelling. Lou and Will are a couple readers will take to their hearts” – INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY

“Compelling, moving and absorbing. It’s also a real weepie.” – DAILY EXPRESS UK

“Another powerful love story. A deftly plotted narrative populated with likeable, engaging characters. A bittersweet story about love, learning and letting go. It’s a tremendous read and I loved it.” – DAILY MAIL

“A perceptive and moving tale.” – THE INDEPENDENT

“A poignant story of loss and love… another heartstoppingly brilliant novel from Jojo Moyes… Absolutely lovely.” – MARIE CLAIRE UK

“Funny, believable and heartbreaking” – WOMAN’S OWN

“A timeless love story, and Moyes’s most emotional yet. This is a charming novel fizzing with quirky detail.” – RED

thumb.php Glimpse:

When I first saw the movie trailer of Me Before You, my attention got piqued because of Sam Claflin. I watched the trailer a few times and I found out that the movie is based on a novel by Jojo Moyes. Living in an era of online shopping, it didn’t take much time for me to buy and download the kindle version of the book. I read couple of mixed reviews on the book and was a bit doubtful about the impulsive buying decision. After all ‘spending INR 322.05’ on an “e”-book will fetch me quite a few raised eye brows.

But when I started to read the novel, all my doubts were washed away. Boy oh boy it was beautifully written. So fresh and spontaneous storytelling. The characters are realistic and their interactions are so natural, that sometime you feel like as if the dialogs are just forming and coming out of your own mind. You keep praying and hoping along with the characters; their hurt, pain and emotions becomes your own. And that’s where the writer is fantastically successful.

Those who ever loved anyone dearly in their life, they will surely be able to relate to the story. Yet it’s not a typical love story; it has its own essence. So please don’t read any reviews before hand and form a stereotype image in your mind. Happy reading!

I hope Sam Claflin will be able to do justice to Will Traynor. I’m not having a spec of doubt about the look part. I’m just concerned that the movie should be at par with the novel or else it might face the same fate as TMI.

Price: $  / £ I bought the kindle version of it from at INR 322.05 only.


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