Where Rainbows End

Author: Cecelia Ahernauthor_2_1

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Language: English

Publisher: HarperCollins

Catalog Reference: ISBN

Website: http://uk.cecelia-ahern.com/

Appreciations Received:

‘A heart-warming tale… a surefire hit with chick-lit fans.’ Belfast Telegraph

‘A leading light-romantic talent.’ Daily Express

‘Cecelia Ahern has emerged as a leading light-romantic writing talent.’ Express

‘Brilliantly written, you’ll laugh and cry.’ Heat



You all must have watched the 2014 movie “Love, Rosie”. Yup, the one with “Sam Claflin” in it! Keeping my trend intact, I googled immediately after watching it and found the novel from which it was adapted. “Where Rainbows End” is indeed a brilliant novel by Cecelia Ahern. If you are an old school romantic person and still believe that there are some emotions that are best expressed leisurely then this novel is definitely going to keep you up at night. 41rp4rgf09l Those untold, unheard emotions, those moments of jealous and frustration of having the love of your life right in front of your nose yet not being able to hold that person…. Urgh!! This is a book which you can love and hate at the same time. The most beautiful part is the flow and the style of writing. Some might find it a bit boring. But those blessed souls who can endure a little slow pace of life and not in a hurry end all good things quicker; they will most certainly be presented with the pure delight of love and hope. It’s the kind of love that leaves you burning slowly with the essence of lingering romance in all things around you.

Convinced enough? Then go get your own copy of “Love, Rosie” or “Where Rainbows End”. Happy reading!

Price: Hard cover INR 499, Paperback INR 224. I bought the kindle version of it from Amazon.com at INR 203.30. It has now further reduced to INR 144.05 only.


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