The Girl in the Box Series

avatar.JPGAuthor: Robert J. Crane

Genre: Contemporary Urban Fantasy, Fiction, Young Adult

Language: English

Publisher: Revelen Press

Catalog Reference: ISBN 978-0-439-02352-8


Appreciations Received:


There are total 10 novels in “The Girl in the Box” series, viz. Alone, Untouched, Soulless, Family, Omega, Broken, Enemies, Legacy, Destiny and Power. The series revolves around the main character and protagonist Sienna Nealon, a 17 year old girl. She was held prisoner at her own home by her mother for twelve years. One fateful night she wakes up to find two strangers at her home and her mum is missing. And then onward her life becomes a constant search for her mother and the truth of her existence. She gets to know many people during her roller coaster journey and every time she tries to hold on to someone, she is forced to face a new challenge or enemy. Every time she thinks she has figured out who she was, a fresh cluster of questions enshrouds her mind. GirlinBox_1-3_Box Set.jpg

The novel is fast paced and full of actions as expected from a young adult fantasy fiction novel. People who are diehard fans of X-Men comics, Percy Jackson novels or Divergent Trilogy they will like this one also. Definitely this series is not at par with the Divergent Trilogy but it has its Meta-humans alright. Through the first few novels, there were certain moments when I really hated Sienna for her nagging self centered nature. But as I went on with the rest of the novels I started to connect with Sienna as a girl and her emotional turmoils better. She, just like any other normal seventeen year old girl, makes mistakes out of vengeance, misjudged people and so on so forth. But that’s how we all become matured with time, don’t we? In fact now I can go ahead and say that she had handled certain situations in much better ways than most of us would have in her situation. By the time she confronted with Sovereign, the biggest and meanest villain of this series, I was a big fan of Sienna Nealon.

Not every novel reader is mentally programmed to have the patience to read a ten novel series. But, if you are one of such rare species of tireless, voracious reader with enough time for yourself, then go for it.

Price: Buy the first three novels in a single bunch for free from Amazon. Then onward all the novels are INR 299 each. So after the first three novels if you are still breathing, then buy the rest of the 7 novels one by one.


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